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Compact, Robust, and High-speed interconnectivity solutions

Hirose ix industrial™ is a new standardized, miniaturized Ethernet compatible interface in compliance with IEC/PAS 61076-3-124. ix Industrial™ features a 75% reduced size compared to RJ45 modular connectors. The receptacles allow for a parallel 10mm pitch mounting for daisy-chaining in compact units contributing to size reduction of end use products.

Two coding options are available: Type A and Type B.

SINBON IP67-rated M8 Hybrid SPE cable assembly is compliant with IEC 63171-6 and IEC 61156-12, which allows the bandwidth up to 600MHz for flexible installation. With the combination of 2 contacts for data transmission and 2 contacts for direct power supply, M8 Hybrid SPE connector can deal with the power limitation of Single Pair Ethernet in many of the automation applications.

Right-angled version is available


ix industrial™
  • 75% smaller compared to typical RJ45 sockets
  • Robust mechanical connection meets EN 50155 railway specifications
  • High EMC immunity – 360 Degree shielding
  • High transmission rate up to 10 Gbps for CAT 6A
  • Overmold & right-angled versions are available
M8 Hybrid SPE
  • Ethernet transmission via one pair of copper wires
  • High transmission rate up to 1 Gbps with max. 40 meter cable length
  • Afford power load up to 400W

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