M8 Hybrid IP67 Plug-SPE cable assembly

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SINBON launches M8 hybrid cable assembly with SPE cable
. Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is an innovative technology that describes how Ethernet can be sent via just one pair of copper wires to provide a lightweight, resource-saving and yet powerful solution for many current and future applications.
The hybrid solution provided by SINBON combines separated power and signal pair, designed for industrial environments that require higher currents and larger power transmission, all housed in a small form factor of a standard M8 connector. This allows running a higher power/current level with little to no data lost
- Bayonet locking mechanism
- Electromagnetic shielding
- Transmission speed: 1Gbps 600MHz
- IP rating: IP65 (un-mated) & IP67 (mated)
- Overmold & angled versions available

 【Connector Specification】

Connector Locking System Bayonet
Type of connector Crimp
Rated Current 8A (Power Pin) & 4A (Signal Pin)
Rated Voltage 60V DC
Contact Material Copper alloy, Au plating
Overmolding Material TPU
【Cable Specification】
Cable Length 0.5m (1.64"), 1m (3.28"), 2m (6.56")
Cable Structure 2*26AWG + 2*18AWG
Cable Outer Diameter 7.0 mm
Outer Jacket Material PUR
Outer Jacket Color Matte Black
【Signal Properties】
Transmission speed 1Gbps
Bandwidth 600MHz
【Mechanical Properties】
IP Rating IP67 (Mated) & IP65 (Un-mated)
Mating Cycles 500 mating cycles
Anti-vibration Yes
【Electrical Properties】
Hi-pot voltage 300V DC
Contact resistance 2Ω Max.
Insulation resistance 10MΩ Min.
【Environmental Features】
Flame Resistance VW-1
Oil Resistance UL 758
Chemical Resistance UL 1581
Halogen-free Yes
Silicone-free Yes
RoHS Compliance Yes
【Working Conditions】
Operation Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Storage/Transport Temperature -25°C to +80°C

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